Why Sales and Marketing for the Tech Space is Like MasterChef

When it comes to cooking like a MasterChef, whether you’re on the program, a talented home cook or a professional in a commercial kitchen, one thing remains the same: you need the skills, talent, and the right ingredients to cook a winning dish.
B2B tech marketing

Take me for example. I love good food. I know what good food is. I’ve eaten at some of the world’s best restaurants Australia, Europe and the USA – but I have no understanding on the connection between the effort that goes into cooking good food and the process of preparing it with the final result. Essentially, I know what good food is, but I don’t know how to make it. You could give me the MasterChef kitchen and the MasterChef pantry stocked with the world’s greatest ingredients and I’d still stuff it up. It takes a very certain set of skills, practice and long-time discipline to knock a MasterChef style meal out of the park. Sales and marketing in the tech space is exactly the same.

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Let me explain…

The right ingredients at the right time

In sales and marketing you’ll find a lot of gurus and wizards out there. They’ll promising that this one tool will change everything about your sales and marketing. You’ll hear that click funnels will do it, or this chatbot or this Facebook post, or this LinkedIn thing or this automation. Sure, these are great tools or ingredients, if you will, but if you don’t know how to use them or when to use them then you’re going to make a disgusting meal, or at least a poorly cooked one. Or, to switch off the cooking metaphor for a moment, you’re going to end up with a sales or marketing process that just doesn’t work.

A failed marketing process feels the same

At Tech Torque, we recognise that there is a time and a place for everything. If you add an ingredient too early, ask for the money too early, deploy a blog at the wrong time, provide a white paper or return on investment calculator at the wrong time, you’re going to mess the whole thing up.

So, what should you do? The way I see it, you’ve got two approaches to choose from here. Get a chef to do it, or commit yourself to knowing, loving and taking on every part of the cooking journey. Take classes, learn everything you can and practice the hell out of it for a long, long time. My advice? If you want the easier option and the fastest route to results, choose the professional.

The more niche, the better

If you think about some of the finest restaurants in the world, whether you’ve eaten at them yourself or seen them in action on screen, you’ll know that their kitchens are filled with different people with different skillsets. You probably won’t find a head chef in a Michelin-starred seafood restaurant is as equally skilled and talented at preparing dessert as they are at preparing your poached lobster tail. Likewise, at a B2B sales and marketing agency like Tech Torque, you’ll find multiple people with varied skillsets.

Just as a restaurant has niche chefs preparing dishes, we’ve got a team of people that specialise in different areas of marketing. We’ve got sales people, web people, social people, audio and visual people, content marketers, strategic thinkers. All the right people with the right skills for any project. This ensures we’re delivering the best result for each client. Just as a good restaurant will be able to deliver a dish that’s amazing for each customer.

Each customer will be impressed by these amazing dishes

Ultimately, the more niche the skillset, the better the result. The better the team and skillset the better the sales and marketing outcomes. This is why at Tech Torque, we focus exclusively on sales and marketing for the tech space. You might never see us on MasterChef, but you know when it comes to tech sales and marketing, we’ll make a damn good dish.

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