Treat them like a diva…

People are natural divas, especially your target market. They want to feel seen, cared for, and listened to - if you want them to engage with your brand. If you currently think “My target market is basically everyone. My product is made for everyone and I don’t want to exclude anyone.” You better catch yourself before it is too late.

The last thing divas want is to get the same treatment as everyone else. They want to feel special – and that is where the magic of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) comes in.

Targeting all, hitting none

Being a generalist is one of the biggest marketing traps the tech sector – or most brands – fall into somewhere along the way.

At first thought, targeting all possible markets all at once sounds really attractive. You might be thinking that if you cast a bigger and wider net, then that means you will get more chances of hauling in more fish. Makes sense, right?

Well no… In fact, the more general your target audience is, the more ineffective your marketing strategy will become. With a gajillion brands competing for attention, trying to target “all” audiences is just self-sabotage. Since you cannot hone in on your audience’s common pain points, behaviour, and patterns, it is nearly impossible to create an effective marketing strategy that will resonate with your best fit clients.

Even global consumer brands have carefully considered targeting. Take Coke – you wouldn’t know if but a lot of money goes into segmenting their messaging and type of media for different market types – they even go as granular as serving you up content based on the images you share on facebook. We are living in the digital world where targeted marketing is king.

Decoding the Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Strategy

Business resources don’t come cheap, and we all know that. So when it comes to earmarking resources for your marketing strategy, you have to be efficient and effective to get the most out of it.

And that is what adapting Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies into your plans will do for your business.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) helps businesses weed out the weak leads. Since you will be implementing hyper-focused marketing strategies, you will filter out the high-value leads early in your sales cycle. 

ABM lets companies zoom in on high-value accounts with higher accuracy, unlike business-as-usual where identifying and sorting out leads take so much time and effort.

Ditch old-school marketing, get schooled by ABM

The medium of digital marketing evolves by the minute. Heck, Meta just released the newest Twitter rival Threads. If you want to get your business out there, without burning a hole through your pockets, you need to stay up with the times and trends. 

  1. Get to know your tribe

In a nutshell, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) concentrates all your marketing efforts and resources in a specific set of high-value target areas within a specific market. That means you put your target market under a microscope to see which among these potential customers have the highest potential to convert.

But to do that, you need to do your own homework. 

To execute this business marketing strategy, you need to define exactly who your target market is, identify people or brands who have the highest probability to convert, know the brands’ key decision-makers, then launch a personalised marketing campaign for them.

  1. Experiment like a mad scientist

Although there are ways on how to “hack” the social media algorithms, it still swings pretty unpredictably. With social media giants refining their processes by the second to accommodate their users’ needs, you really can’t create a marketing strategy set in stone.

But that does not mean that you should give up on it. You just need to take a step out there and experiment! Get to know what works with your divas, then fine tune it continuously as soon as you find their sweet spot.

  1. Call a friend, maybe?

Honestly, ABM is pretty advanced stuff. If you don’t have the time to climb the steep learning curve, Matthew Whyatt, Tech Torque’s Founder and Chief Strategist can help you nail down strategies fit for your divas. Drop by for a free and risk-free call with him today.

If you’re a bit short on time right now, join the Tech Growth Tribe. – it’s a brand new collaborative community of individuals and organisation dedicated to the growth and advancement of technology-based businesses. Here’s you’ll find learning opportunities, knowledge exchange and some networking.


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