Meet the Tech Torque Leadership Team

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Matthew Whyatt

Co-founder & Chief Sales Strategist

Hi, I’m Matthew Whyatt and I co-founded Tech Torque with Tracey James.

I love the science of buyer-centric selling, of empowering people to make the right decisions based on informed choices. I really dislike the opposite: sleazy, overbearing selling.

I started my first software business at the age of 22 and built it to over $100 million in turnover. However, this wasn’t just because of sound technology, it was also because of precision selling and business processes that I developed and applied across the company.

After I sold that company and took a holiday, I was keen to explore the next challenge. I was privileged to meet Bob Urichuck from Velocity Selling and to be chosen to be CEO of his Australian operation. I am very proud of our achievements together over the time.

Later on, I started my own specialist consultancy in selling strategy and process, combining the methods I’d developed and lessons I’d learnt over 20 years – but there was something missing. While my clients were delighted with their selling skills and results, they didn’t have a robust, repeatable, routine marketing process to generate high quality leads. As a result, their growth was being held back. 

When I met Tracey, I could see she had the other vital half of the Sales and Marketing equation – precision marketing processes. That’s why we created Tech Torque, the first end-to-end Growth System for Software and Technology companies – based on precision sales and marketing processes.  

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Tracey James

Co-founder & Chief Marketing Strategist

Hello I’m Tracey James, the other co-founder of Tech Torque.

I love the precision of Tech Sector marketing, helping businesses grow by focusing on the most profitable products, markets and prospects. I really dislike the opposite: shallow, tricky marketing.

I began my career in Biotechnology, screening suitable organisms to produce renewable fuel from waste. It didn’t take me long to get tired of acid holes in my clothes, so I switched to selling then marketing the products I’d used in the lab.

Then I switched to IT, initially in selling roles for software companies. In three consecutive cases, I found they had no marketing processes and were churning salespeople at an alarming rate. 

I saw an opportunity and founded Technoledge, a specialist marketing agency for the Tech Sector. Along the way, I developed precision processes that boost the reliability and cut the costs of marketing for technology companies. Over more than a decade, I used these processes to help clients build over 100  technology business.

I found there was something missing too; precision selling processes that would ensure progress and  closure of the high quality leads we’d generated for clients. As a result, opportunities were being lost and opportunities were being missed. 

When I met Matthew, I saw instantly that he had the other part of the equation: precision selling processes to complement my precision marketing ones. That why combining forces to create an integrated Growth System, Tech Torque, was such a logical decision.