Precision Growth System for the Tech Sector

Sales cycles in the Tech Sector are long and complex

There are many stages and drop-offs where you can lose opportunities in a blink.

To fast-track your growth, you need to plug all the leaks and maximise return from every stage – from defining winnable markets to generating high value leads, through to converting leads into profitable clients and then expanding their value. 

That is exactly what Tech Torque does. 

Developed, tested and tuned in the Tech Sector, Tech Torque takes you through every stage, each with a Precision Process to maximise return and growth. We specialises in technology sales leads and opportunities.


How Tech Torque works

Our Precision Growth System has 4 integrated Precision Elements:


Market Decider

We define your winnable Best Fit Markets. We refine your Message so you can overtake any competitor. We define your High Value Content to engage Best Fit Buyers. We chart your Roadmap to success.


Content Concentrator

We work out what makes your Best Fit Buyers tick. We map the gaps in your Sales Process to the Content they want. We create the right High Value Content to fuel and accelerate their Buyer Journeys.


Lead Automator

We build an Automated Growth Engine to Generate High Value Leads. We fuel it with your High Value Content and Fire It Up. We monitor, measure and tune it to maximise its High Performance.


Growth Accelerator

We create the Framework, Processes, Checklists & Tools to onboard, delight and retain Best Fit Clients. We help you regain Lost Clients and expand the value of All Clients through Referral and Client-only Offers.

Market Decider

You’ll waste cash and time if you try to win every market. But if you focus and dominate a few, you’ll quickly accelerate your growth

You can best dominate markets where you’re the Thought Leader – the specialist who knows exactly how to solve their unique problems. These are ‘uncontested markets’ or ‘blue ocean space’ where your solution is demonstrably the best.  

These markets or niches are where: 

Think about this: If your entire global market is worth A$1 billion, how much better off will you be with 80% of 1% of it compared to 0.001% of the lot?

Once you’ve defined your uncontested markets, you win each one and leverage your success in other with similar features.

Our Market Determinator takes through this step by step to define exactly where you will win, with what message and High Value Content..

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Content Concentrator

Once you have the roadmap to markets you can win, you need high performance fuel to speed up the journey. This is your High Value Content.

To define the right content, you need to consider:

By creating High Value Content that helps them solve their problems, you’ll make it difficult for genuine prospects not to engage.

This will enable faster decisions, weed out more time-wasters and shorten your sales cycle.

Our Content Concentrator takes through this step by step to define exactly the right content and format you need.

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Lead Automator

With your roadmap and fuel ready, you need to build a high performance engine to generate leads automatically

For maximum growth, you want the engine to reach top gear quickly and cruise with little fuel or effort so you can focus on the destination.

To build your growth engine, you need to consider;

Our Lead Generator takes you through the process step by step, building a Growth Engine based on email, web and social marketing that delivers High Value Leads while you sleep.

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Growth Accelerator

Once your growth engine is generating leads, you must convert them into High Value Clients or all your effort will be wasted.

To do this, you need to think about:

This is when your growth can really take off.

Our Growth Accelerator takes you through this process step by step, creating the framework, tools, checklists, scripts and KPIs you need to maximise revenue and profit for every client.

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