Are you ready to unleash the true potential of your software and technology business?

Allow me to introduce you to ‘Startup to Scaleup‘— a dynamic course tailor-made for trailblazing entrepreneurs like you.

Get ready to supercharge your sales, connect with your dream clients, and take your business to new heights. 

This isn’t just another course; it’s your ticket to transforming your startup into a market-dominating force!

The doors are open now for a very limited number of people, for our Case Study introductory offer.

We’re so confident that you’ll see a remarkable transformation in your business in just 90 days, we are offering a 5X ROI!

Our program is meticulously crafted to address the specific challenges faced by software and technology businesses, ensuring that you gain the knowledge, tools, and techniques needed to achieve exponential growth.

Why Choose Startup to Scaleup?

This course sets itself apart by focusing solely on the needs of our industry. We understand the nuances of selling software and technology and have tailored our curriculum accordingly. We’ll provide you with practical strategies and insights that can be immediately implemented, allowing you to make more sales and secure your place in the market.

Forget overwhelming theory and endless information. Our course is a hands-on, step-by-step implementation plan designed to help you succeed.

Over the next 90 days I’ll take you through a series of modules and templates designed to give you the exact blueprint to create your dream business.

Each week we’ll go through topics and templates like:

Best Fit Market LP 2 - LP - Startup to Scaleup

Firstly, we will define your Best Fit Markets. These are markets you can win 50-90% of the time – rather than burning cash in many. This will reduce the number of time wasters and tyre-kickers in your pipeline and slash your marketing and sales costs.

Best Fit Buyers 1 Depositphotos 213727010 L 1024x598 - LP - Startup to Scaleup
Best Fit Buyers 2 Depositphotos 69176787 L 1024x682 - LP - Startup to Scaleup
Target Audience LP 2 - LP - Startup to Scaleup

Second, you dive into the heads of Best Fit Buyers and find out exactly what high value content will move them to consider you instead of your competitors.This will dramatically reduce your marketing spend and the length of your sales cycle.

Best Fit Buyer LP 2 - LP - Startup to Scaleup

Third, I’ll help you build an automated engine to attract profitable, easy to serve Best Fit Buyers at will. This targets Best Fit Buyers and generates high quality leads in less time for less money.

Best Fit Buyers 3 Depositphotos 85474006 L 1024x676 - LP - Startup to Scaleup
Best Fit Buyers 4 depositphotos 21823959 stock photo businessman hand working with new 1024x576 - LP - Startup to Scaleup
High Value Clients LP 2 - LP - Startup to Scaleup

Last, we streamline your sales process so you can convert more of your precious Best Fit Leads into High Value Clients. By increasing their value through upselling, cross-selling and referral, they become High Performance Clients which really turbo-charges your growth.

Throughout this process there will be practical action steps so you can start to create sales even before you’ve finished the course.

And then the fun bit …

I’ll show you how to launch your offer as quickly and profitably as possible. Without the need for ads, crazy long launch plans, a massive team or any complex tech.

And as a special bonus for founding members only . . .

You get ME!!

I typically charge my high-end clients $450 per hour for my consulting. But seeing as this is a new launch and I want you to be so successful that you are excited to give me a glowing testimonial on this course I’ll be spending 4 hours helping you personally during the 90 days.

That’s almost $2000 worth of value!

About Matthew Whyatt

Matthew Whyatt Homepage 296x300 - LP - Startup to Scaleup
quotation marks open white - LP - Startup to Scaleup

I’ve got over twenty years of experience in starting and running software and technology companies and for the last 9 years, I’ve been consulting. Over that time I’ve seen hundreds of software and technology companies and I know exactly what’s working right now in the market. 

I am not a theorist … I’m all about execution. This program embodies everything I’ve learned, with the fluff and theory cut out, and only the practical and actionable steps remaining.

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Of course, the bonuses for this Case Study round do NOT stop there … you'll also enjoy these exclusive benefits:

  • CUSTOM LAUNCH PLAN: Collaborate with us to create a personalised launch plan, ensuring long-term profitability for your marketing efforts.


  • FREE ACCESS to our Million Dollar LinkedIn Blueprint Workshop – designed to flood your inbox with quality leads you can start selling to before the course is even finished.


With Startup to Scaleup you’ll have the opportunity to transform your business, generate reliable revenue streams, and share your brilliance with the world.

All Case Study members will get ALL this (worth over $5000!) for a total steal … we are also giving you  50% off   if you secure your spot now!

All Case Study members will get ALL this (worth over $5000!) for a total steal … we are also giving you 50% off if you secure your spot now!

There is no fluff here…

I will not overwhelm you with information.

Or waste hours of your valuable time with theory-based videos and PowerPoint slides!

Instead, I am serving up the exact steps you need to take (and exactly how to do them).

Plus you’ll get 90-days of next-level feedback and support from my team and I, to make sure you do them really bloody well (the kind of support I normally charge thousands of dollars for) including:

  • Live weekly Q&A sessions
  • Accountability
  • Access to our exclusive Tech Torque Academy community
  • All the resources, swipe files, templates, scripts, and calendars you need for a stress-free Sales and Marketing kick start.

What our clients say ...

Joining the Tech Torque course was a no-brainer after having attended one of Matthew’s free webinars.Matthew provided specific and holistic advice that helped give me perspective on what I needed to do to tweak my overall sales process and accelerate sales growth for my business.  The course has given me the tools I need to take my business to the next level.

Lokava - LP - Startup to Scaleup
Vaakesan Guruparan
Lokava Software

Just had my first MSP meeting today.  They booked a meeting from the script and video we put together.  It went very well.  Thank you, I would never have marketed my products and services with such clarity if it wasn’t for you.

BlueHub - LP - Startup to Scaleup
Bradley Bulters
Bluehub Unified Communications

If you’re in tech and you need help with sales and marketing, I recommend this course.  Matthew is the only person I have met who can bring coordinated sales and marketing together, for a tech business, with deep knowledge and plain speaking.  He’s also good for many laughs!

Thrive Tech - LP - Startup to Scaleup
Judd Sandstrom
Thrive Tech

This training is totally unique and brand spanking new … and this system is not taught anywhere else.

and it all kicks off LIVE on Tuesday, 3rd October!

You see I’ve been creating and growing software and tech businesses for over 25 years.

In that time I have sold over $100 million of software and services …

… and tried and tested pretty much every strategy and tactic there is!

Don't miss this limited-time offer!

Applications close on Saturday, 30th September (AEST).


Every day I see amazing companies doing truly innovative things being outsold and "run out of business" by companies with inferior products but who have a superior grasp of the concepts and strategies I want to teach you.

Over the last 25 years, I’ve started and run businesses with turnovers totalling over $100 million, and during that time, I’ve learned a thing or two about what to do and what to avoid.

In the last 8 years, I’ve worked with some of the best small to medium software and technology companies in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

My goal has always been to help software and technology companies sell more to the right people and this course is the culmination of my 25 years of experience plus my various mentors along the way.

My goal is to bring those concepts to the part of the market that needs them most.

So you can have more time, more revenue and more people can have access to your brilliance as well!

And that is exactly what Startup to Scaleup does . . . in just 90 days.

And while it will be offered again later this year, it will NEVER be available again at this price . . .

. . . and with all this extra hands-on feedback, support, bonuses and access to me and my team.

If you are ready to ...

If you’re ready to completely change your business for the better, finally …

Then grab yourself one of the VERY LIMITED case study spots right here.

Doors close at midnight on 30th September (AEST) … unless all the spots fill up before.  We kick things off on Tuesday, 3rd October.


We can't wait to welcome you onboard!

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