Content Marketing Planning – How to Make it a Holiday

…and not be left by the roadside. Think of creating content for digital marketing in IT companies as planning your next holiday!
Content Marketing Planning

You wouldn’t jump into the car and head North with no destination, map or GPS, so how is heading into the unknown of content marketing creation and distribution any different?

You’ve seen the holiday-makers who didn’t plan, stranded by the roadside. They’re the ones who skipped the last service, or forgot to top up with petrol, water or air and now they’re standing there with their bonnets up, with happy holiday makers ‘rubber necking’ at them as they speed past.

It’s no fun waiting for hours in a traffic jam for the NRMA, especially on a hot Aussie summer day when your spouse is telling you it’s all your fault. More than that, you might find that different dress codes apply where you’re going so it might be useful to bone up on that beforehand too.

Here are some hints to make the journey more comfy and predictable.

Get the jump on the rest and don’t be left behind

The Content Marketing Institute says that outside of well-planned campaigns managed by B2B sales and marketing agencies, inhouse enterprises are creating more content than ever, yet only 5% have a clear plan or mission. You’re smarter than your competitors so, if most of them are in the 95%, it makes good sense for you not to be. It’s just like planning the holiday – where are you going, how will you get there, what will you take, who is coming along, and who’ll be in charge of planning and co-ordination? Think about it beforehand and avoid leaving vital holiday items behind, and the aggravation too.

Content Marketing - Content Marketing Planning – How to Make it a Holiday

Get the boss on board with Content Marketing

If you’re going on holiday with your spouse, you probably won’t have to worry about him or her impounding the family car. Or refusing to use the family credit card for fuel. In B2B technology marketing, though, the CEO can be a real handbrake; a trip-stopper in fact. If he thinks content marketing – especially the social media aspects – is baloney, or supports it but agonises over every comma, the trip is going to feel like you’re in first gear all the way. By then, your competitors may have caught up or even sped past. Ouch.

The best way to get the CEO onside is not to bang on about how cool social and content marketing are. Just focus on their cost-effectiveness. The numbers speak for themselves, just like lane-hopping and its effect on travel time and fuel economy. The evidence is clear yet many drivers still do it.

Organise the team

As with going on holiday, don’t assume the whole family wants to go to the same place. If you want to avoid a mutiny you should sort this out well before you leave. At work, mutiny may not be the most likely outcome; lack of co-operation, feet dragging or willing helpers may be.

Don’t just tell everyone what their role will be. Find out who is excited about it and ask them to be involved or take the lead.  Focus on their strengths and you’ll be surprised at the results. Just like the child in the family who turns out to be the best destination researcher and tour guide, your engineer might turn out to have a ‘yet to be noticed’ talent for writing blogs, and they’ll be really happy to help out.

Content Marketing Plan - Content Marketing Planning – How to Make it a Holiday

Meet their needs

Just as the holiday route may have to be modified to suit the whole family, your content has to match your targets. Who are they and what sort of content do they need and want? You’ll also need to consider how you’ll deliver your content and when, in order to match their needs.

Just like plotting stops along the way to keep everyone happy. It’s the same when mining for technology sales leads, except the trip they’re on is the buyer’s journey. If you don’t give them what they want, they won’t throw a tantrum, they’ll unsubscribe and never come back.

Another Thing:

The buyer’s journey can be just as unpredictable as your family holiday by car. You’ll need to prepare well if you want a avoid unexpected detours, roadblocks and exits. Not to mention breakdowns and aggro.

Find out more about quality content marketing creation in Story telling is the glue that holds your sale together. Some wise advice and inspiration, with absolutely no holiday or driving tips.

Bon voyage.


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