Are Your Marketing Messages Clear and Unique?

One Of The Great Challenges That Exists In The Software And Technology Space Is Market Perception. A Lot Of Companies Are Continually Making Better, Faster, Cheaper, More Efficient, Highly Productive Products And Selling Them As Such...
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But if everyone is taking the same approach – how can your marketing messages position you to stand out from the crowd?

Let’s Be Clear

The most effective marketing messages are first and foremost, clear and to the point. And secondly, they need to position your company’s product or offering for precisely who you sell to. Basically, you help X to do Y. If you’re clear about the outcome your clients receive and who your perfect customer is, not only will you be able to work with more perfect customers, but you will also be able to spot the imperfect ones much faster. 

Let’s use farming as an example. If you’re selling a product to farmers, you need to say THIS IS FOR FARMERS. Don’t talk about saving money on fertiliser because that could be for anyone from a home gardener to a multimillion-dollar food production company. Even though you may make some money from the weekend warriors, the kind of customer you want is the farmer raising dairy cattle for Norco on a billion+ hectares!

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Identifying your perfect and imperfect customers is beneficial to both parties. Your perfect customer is going to have a great experience with you because you will have exactly what they need to solve a problem. They will then of course be a pleasure to deal with, bring in more business from themselves or via referral, and will be more likely to pay on time. Most importantly – clarity builds trust.

Imperfect customers on the other hand, while they are still customers and may spend some money with you, the time you spend to service them can be disproportionate to their revenue potential.

Unique Marketing Messages Compel

So, you want to buy a new car. You’ve got money to burn, and you want that baby to be fast and luxurious. Porsche, Ferrari, Lambo? Well, they’re all fast, but you’re going to look for other unique aspects to sway you to a particular one.

Tesla for example, while also very fast, you may have seen has ‘celebration mode’. You press a button and step away from the car, which then plays music while flapping the car doors and flashing its lights. Ridiculous or brilliant? See for yourself…

Ridiculous yes, and also brilliant. Unique features like this are what compel people to want your product. People like Colin…  

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Tesla marketing celebration mode will get far more attention than numbers and percentages. Your car being X times faster than last years and X% more fuel efficient is a snooze. While these things are good, they’re not going to turn the wheels for a customer. People buy the experience.

In our message of Sales and Marketing for Software and Technology businesses, we’re immediately clear to the marketplace who we want to work with, and if we deliver it in a certain way then we become unique.

Our goal then is to stand out from the crowd.

Here are some questions you could ask yourself or your team to get clarity on your offer

  • How do customers feel when buying from us?
  • What’s the biggest problem we are solving for clients? (And could I explain it to a 5-year-old) 
  • What do our clients aspire to
  • How are our clients measured / what are their KPI’s? 

So, my challenge to software and tech businesses is this. If your offering is the same/similar to your competitors, then you need to develop content to communicate why and how you are different. What are your Unique Selling Points? How do you solve their problems better, faster, more easily than the competition? Even if you are faster, better, cheaper – that still may not cut it. You need to clearly state how you provide a solution to a certain problem that cuts straight to your target.

Spare a few minutes for some high value insight.

We’ve developed our Profit Maximiser Scorecard for Tech & SaaS companies as a way deliver value without you needing to commit, pay or even speak to us!

It’s FREE and without obligation to use and is our gesture to show we want to help you get a clear understanding of where you’re at with 3 key areas of marketing:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Marketing Effectiveness
  • Conversion

Our report will identify where you could improve and outline strategies and actions you can take right now to start smashing your goals.

So, how do you score? Click the image to find out.

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